I entered the US in 2008 without any papers from Honduras. My family was here and I was going to do anything to be be with them. When I came to the US, I worked very hard. It was also hard for me to learn English and live in a new country. Then I met M—-. He was very sweet to me at first and promised me everything. he also entered without his papers. I married him a few months after I met him. I got pregnant and gave birth to our son. Our relationship really changed a few months after I gave birth to our son. It started with an argument and then he punched me in the eye. I did not know who to call and because I was in the country illegally, I did not want to call the police or go to the hospital because I was scared of being deported. Things got bad quickly after this first incident. He started hitting me every week and pushed me down stairs. I had to hide bruises from my friends and family. After an argument one day, he punched me hard and threatened to kill me. My son was crying. I called 911. I knew if I didn’t then I would have been dead that day. The police came and arrested M—-. When I met Ms. Nguyen, she was very kind to me. I was scared of anything to do with police or the courts. She explained everything to me, held my hand and I felt like this was someone I could trust. She obtained a protective order for me to protect myself against any further abuse from my husband. I provided the police with a report and testified in court against my husband. Ms. Nguyen helped me apply for a U visa. I was given work authorization in the United States which made me very happy. Ms. Nguyen also helped me with my divorce. I got custody of our son and my husband got supervised visitation. Ms. Nguyen’s help really changed my life. I am grateful for everything she has done for me. I am in a good place now and finishing school and my degree in nursing. Thank you!


My ex and I had an 8-year old daughter. Our relationship did not work out but I still wanted to be involved in raising our daughter. I was involved in my daughter’s life from birth and visited with her every chance I got. I helped her learn her first steps and went to all of her checkups. I also put her in ballet and attended her dance recitals. Since my daughter started school, I have been to school meetings and volunteer regularly. Then my daughter’s mother filed for sole custody. It was a very emotional process. I wanted joint physical and legal custody of my daughter because I felt that this was in my daughter’s best interest for both of us to be in her life. Ms. Nguyen worked very hard on my case and helped me understand the law. With Ms. Nguyen’s help, I was able to get joint physical and legal custody of my daughter. I am very happy with Ms. Nguyen’s services and would recommend her to my friends and family.


I was the primary caretaker of my 6-year old daughter and 9-year old son since their birth. My children’s father was barely involved in their lives in a meaningful way and did not offer any child support to them even though he had a stable job. I wanted to file for custody and child support. At first, I wanted to go through this process without assistance. When I went to the court clerk’s office, and looked up information online, I knew that I needed a lawyer. There were too many things to file that I did not understand. When my children’s father found out that I planned to file for custody, he retained a lawyer and filed a complaint against me requesting sole custody of the children. He wrote in his complaint that I was an unfit mother which was not true. When I met Ms. Nguyen, I was very worried about my case. Ms. Nguyen provided me sound advice. She explained the court process to me step by step. She filed everything for me in Court and advocated for me. She aggressively represented me in Court when my children’s father made up lies about me me during trial. In the end, I received sole physical and legal custody of the children’s father and he was ordered to pay child support in the amount of $1450.00. He was also ordered to pay arrearages. I am thankful for Ms. Nguyen. I felt like I had someone fighting for me the entire time. I also liked Ms. Nguyen’s straightforward advice.


I met my wife in Korea when I was working there about five years ago. I knew when I met her that this was the woman that I wanted to marry and start a family with. After frequent visits back and forth to Korea, I knew that I loved her and asked her to marry me. I was unfamiliar with the immigration process and needed someone to assist me. The forms on the United States immigration website were confusing and I did not want to make any mistakes. Ms. Nguyen helped me easily secure a K visa for my wife to come to the United States. My wife met my family and we planned our wedding a few months later in California. It was a beautiful wedding. We now have a son together. Ms. Nguyen explained the entire process to us and everything went through with ease. Now my wife is ready to apply for U.S. citizenship and we definitely plan to ask Ms. Nguyen to assist us again. Thank you!